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Joe streamed admitted to ripping game assets and selling them

original stream

https:// www.


Got him called me a NAZI in the video in a public Youtube Live stream


streamed from
[2:13 PM]
I uploaded to


Joe publicly live streamed and then deleted or made it private, this is mis information designed to enrigh himself and direct people to his pirate store on Gumroad and his pirate web page

Joe claims to own Reallusion content and that they stole his assets Joe streamed to youtube from https:// www.

I added spaces because Joe deletes these videos right after he makes them

joe streamed 4-21-2024

streamed to youtube original https://

When I see people ranting like this what comes to my mind first is a “Welfare” check along with a 72 hour phych eval after the police make contact and try to talk to a crazy person


Joe Live streamed on 4-10-2023 and openly admitted to stealing and selling 3d assets that he does not own and admits to not owning any copy writes or trademarks to the products he steals and re-sells Publicly not Private Live streamed on a Youtube then he deleted his video confession

I uploaded his public live stream video to


Joe publicly live streamed and deletes again, more slanderous stuff, I reported you should also


Joe is calling people White Supremecists, Joe is trying to claim that he owns everything created in Reallusion store and admits to stealing and that everything is free when people rip game assets out of files, Joe is targeting WunGun and taunting him without provication


7-31-2022 Joe you tube admits to being Truebones and streame with this video URL on Youtube, Joe claims to have created
everything in Reallusion store and that he Joe calls Wungun a white supremicist along with others

Twitter Url



Joe Harrassing Reallusion Forum members, claiming to own all motions, He admits to not creating anythin around the 1:15:00 mark

Joe also makes a reference to chopping a limb off

Lots of “Chineese” rasist rants made by Joe


Joe started back up again


Joe publicly live streamed on Twitch, Youtube and Twitter

Joes Urls


Joe pulblicly live streamed then tried to immediatly delete: Joe stopped and deleted on Twitch mid live stream Joe goes off on drugs and everyone he thinks of for exposing him as scam 3d rip off artists

Joe original public live stream URL  links 5-23-2022






Joe admits to being “TrueBones” and also threatnes to “DMCA” any one using his videos and Joe Mckpeak also reports some channels to Youtube


Joe slanders a bunch of people and I thing he violated Protection orders that people have against him



Joe states Todd Fox is mickey horner, and is chasing after Joe’s mom, also he states Don Thack went too far and Joe has banned Don Thack, also Joe states wungun playing with Joe’s mom




about 10am pacific time

Joe goes on a rampage and accuses everythin in Reallusion Marketplace (where he is banned for selling assets that were not his)


Joe is ranting on Reallusion forum, claiming a person named “Ben Tuttle” is under a username that Joe does not recognize, Joe claims the last Reallusion contest is using “Stolen Stuff” and that Truebones did not give permission to use “his” motions, then admits that he “traded that stuff”, calling Wungun and “everyone is a supremisists” and that every one will form a mob and come after you


Joe Promises to take down Truebones website

and that he is also creating another youtube channel along with changing  his “Truebones” to his real name. This is a site where he has disputed 3d assets for sale


Joe Claims to be qualified to prevent suicide by giving out his phone number and offering an unregistered suicide helpline service and is NOT or will ever be qualified to run a suicide hotline


Joe takes acting classes







Joe DOX’es people on a public live stream, these videos are to preserve evidence



Joe admits that he recieves legal documents, if true then this is an admittance of being served legal paperwork


Promises Broken by Joseph Earl Mckpeak


Sam Smith




Joe has publicly live streamed that he would “never say anything bad about anybody again”



Joe Earl Mcpeak is threatening to go after a disabled persons GoFundMe, He also attempts to DOX people’s real names on YouTube, He  slanders people with trans gender homophobic rants. This person Joe AKA “Truebones” is supposed to be the owner of a multimillion dollar company but yet he cannot afford to purchase a keyboard piano stand that he live streams to begs for money. Wow now Joe claims to be a “Game developer” for Apex Legends game, Joe also claims to work for Ikinema and apple bought him out.  and he goes off on a Transgender rant against Poly studio which he claims he does  not know (Joe is trying to play the victim when he is the one instigating with homophobic rants against people that called him out because they were of a victim of Joe trying to claim their work in Reallusion Marketplaces) Joe also reports wungun’s video for hate speach (if there is a protection order against him then this is another example of Joe violating and stalking and harrassing Wungun) Joe also admits there is a restraining order around the 26 minute mark in this video, which in effect he admitted to stalking while he reported a video as stalking and harassing


Joe Claims that “Wungun” does not have a Personal Protection Order against him, and that he got his lawyer disbarred, Joe also admits to drug use in his 40’s (Crack, Weed and more) Joe also has not provided ANY proof that he has a Buisiness license or project files for his “Gumroad” marketplace 3d asset store. In the begining of his Public Live Stream Video Joe mentions something weird about wanting OxyCotin and to save some for the fish?  These are not the actions of any proffessional Buisiness Person trying to sell products legitimately that they personally created or own or even have permission to sell in my opinion

3-11 2022

Joe Earl Mcpeak  AKA (another Known Alias Legal Term) downloading  files and converting possibly for sales in “Gumroad” he does not even know what is in the files when opening which proves that he never created them. (DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU CREATE WHEN YOU OPEN  A FOLDER AND FILE) JOE MCPEAK IS BASICSALLY  RIPPING SOMENENES ASSETS FROM A FILE FOLDERS AND STEALING TO RESELL (HE ADMITS HE DOES NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT THE MOTIONS ARE LIKE FRAME 1:25 WHICH PROVES THAT HE NEVER CREATED THIS AND IS STEALING AGAIN TO RIP OFF AN ARTIST) THIS IS DIGITAL THEFT that he live streams and  deletes videos after (and also he will claim that he never posted or live streamed this when confronted) by his own criminal documentary that he created


Joe is  publicly streaming live and admitting not legally allowed to be on another channel (possibly a protection order) Joe clearly opens the link and goes on a homophobic racist rant (I could not get through the first minute of this but I did record his public live stream for documenting purposes)


Joe shows that he (using the username “peaklevels” while piblicly streaming on a channel called “Truebones” ) is not banned from Reallusion Marketplace, and also shows that he attempts to steal
developer content by claiming he created them by showing his account messages, but never shows any actual project files which would prove whether Joe actually owns the assets he claims to have created, and further Joe also threatens reallusion members with DMCA reporting if they attempt to report him. Why not use the username Truebones? Any legitimate company would use their own name and not try to spoof another account name I think they would always use their registered company name. On another note, pause the video periodicly and read what is in the posts as Joe impersonates and tries to sell “truebones” read the responses when the developers are prepared to show project files (whatch Joe AKA peaklevels, AKA Truebones has yet to produce any back dated original project files) Also Joe stated not to buy any 3d models, example see the police care its free just download GTA-V FBX (GTA assets last time I checked are not free and please Joe demonstrate how to do this simply because I think their game franchise just might want to help you be on their radar screen) Pleae Joe don’t download a 3d radar screen that you do not own next!


Joe AKA TrueBones Public Live Stream openly admits to creating an account and being “peaklevels” in the Reallusion Market place where I have seen multiple websites when searching to see if Truebones is legit that Joe McPeak has been banned from this company’s Marketplace. in the video at the 19:03 mark Joe admits to being both Truebones and also being the username “peaklevels Joe attempted to imediatly delete this video with some success (WHY DELETE YOUR VIDEO’S JOE?) By the way Joe you did good right up to the point of your rant about owning everything you see on the screen, I get it (really just start creating and ONLY then can you honestly say that you have developer files to show along with any work you do, otherwise you look like you are trying to steal everything you wished you had made)

TrueBones AKA Joe McPeak TrueBones Public Live video before he deletedJoe video 3-7-2022


on 11-24-2021

I sent an email to “Truebones” account on the website Gumroad to verify that “TrueBones is a legitimate company, and I never recieved any info back. I have checked online for any buisiness license and have found none with the name “TrueBones” here was the email I sent:”What is your Buisiness license number? I can not find your company listed anywhere? I need a regestered buisiness address to ensure that “TrueBones” is a legitimate company before purchasing anything. This is basic public information that I request from all legitimate companies I deal with. please forward to thanx in advance”




Joe admits to using drugs on a public live stream Youtube channel (and it is not rated R) In some states USA marijuana is legal (but not in all states) most parts of the world marijuana is illegal and Joe’s youtube channel is not restricted to just the legal states. I do not know if he has a perscription (even so still illegal under US Federal Laws)

3-8-2022 I saw Truebones Livestreaming PUPLICLY and wrote in the chat box for TrueBones to show developer project files to prove that he owns the content he was claiming to be his (while he was ripping 3d assets LIVE and watching videos that he claimed he created other peoples content) I further asked if “Trueboens” to display a buisiness license that allows him to sell 3d assets online. TrueBones shortly after reading my chat cut the video


YOUTUBE Channels that expose fake vender “TrueBones”

              DON THACK


                      TODD FOX

                 Opa Grampz Troll Hunter videos


Here is a link that has the known history of Truebones with tons of  very good documentation that go into specific details (Note this might not include the recent theft of Fortnite motions Joe tried to sell on Gumroad and he had to take them down) it is a wonder why his Twitter, FaceBook, and Gumroad accounts are still up and runningTRUEBONES HISTORY AND INFO YOU DECIDE

Here is a Reddit link with more info on Truebones Scam:  Reddit


TRUEBONES GUMROAD STORE REVIEWSTRUEBONES TRIES EXTORTION DOCUMENTEDUNITY 3D SCAMMER    There are many more pages of links, all I did was a search for “TrueBones Scam”   With this many red flags if you are a potential consumer reading this PLEASE DO YOUR FACT CHECKING